Your Good Skin

I wasn’t really after a new skin care product but when I saw this new product in Boots last year on special offer I thought why not give it a go.


Your Good Skin Balancing Skin Concentrate product comes with a 28 day program instruction on what products to use at certain stages and how your skin should be feeling after week 1, 2, 3 etc. I used this for 28 days between October and November last year. That’s a challenge for me as I easily get side tracked by other skin care and samples.

I found the product easy to apply and a wonderful product for the price, No different from using other off the shelf moisturisers from brands like Olay and Nivea. It advises use of a toner around week three but I avoided this as I find toners dry my skin and cause irritation. That said its definitely worth trying this out as when it comes to skin care what works for some doesn’t always for others.


Your Good Skin Soothing Micellar cleanser I absolutely loved this cleanser it lifted all my makeup away including eye makeup, I did need to go over my eye eyes a few times but this is normal if you wear medium to heavy eye makeup but I did find that if I used this after the hot cleanse cleanser I only needed to use a small amount. Definitely every bit as good as the popular Garnier Micellar Water. Ill be buying this again.


Your Good Skin Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser Like all hot cloth cleansers it’s the same steps, rub onto skin and remove with the cloth provided. Just run the cloth under hot water and let the heat from the cloth help wipe away the excess. I will say its not the best cleanser I’ve used. I much prefer balm cleansers, I feel they really help remove makeup especially mascara and eyeliner but if you don’t wear makeup or only a gentle amount of makeup then this cleanser is perfect for you.


Your Good Skin Refreshing Face Wash A really lovely face wash, there is nothing overly exciting about this product but it definitely cleans your skin and didn’t make my skin feel dry or tight. I only used this product in the mornings and it’s all I need to refresh my skin before my morning routine.

Disclaimer : I have normal skin sometimes I get dry patches around my nose.

I purchased these products myself (Not A PR Gift)

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Dermalogica Skin Care

Precleanse Balm I loved this Pre-cleanse Balm, it is exactly what it says it should be. It comes out as a thick paste but once rubbed onto the skin it transforms to a nice oil that breaks down your make up making it nice and easy to remove. It’s recommended you use this with a mitt but I found a warm damp face cloth worked just as well, it even helped break down my mascara and eyeliner. It is safe to use around your eyes, I had no stinging or irritation.


Special Cleansing Gel  This is step two to be used after the Pre-cleanse Balm but not really necessary. For me however I feel step one is needed if you wear makeup especially mascara. I’ve used this cleanser day and night. I love that it leaves my skin clean without feeling irritated dry or tight. I have normal skin but sometimes it’s a bit sensitive.  This soap free gel will cleanse your skin with a nice refreshing lather without stripping away natural balance. It may be the Calming Mint and Lavender extracts that help soothe the skin.


Skin Smoothing Cream I love this moisturiser especially at this cold time of year. I’m sure you will agree your skin feels a little drier from the cold weather and all the central heating. This moisturiser absorbs so easily into the skin without feeling tacky making it a great moisturiser to use as a base before makeup. I used about a five pence sized blob to cover my face and neck. MY skin felt soothed nourished and in the morning I still felt id had a good coverage of hydration to my skin.


Daily Superfoliant

This was a bit of a surprise, I wasn’t expecting a little pot of what looks like gunpowder to flow out of the bottle. So after carefully following the instructions all you need to do is shake a little onto wet hands and gently massage onto your face avoiding around the eye area. My skin was left feeling extremely smooth and best of all had a lovely glow without feeling itchy or irritated. It was nice to use an exfoliant that doesn’t strip away the goodness of your skin, that leaves your skin clean refreshed and ready to soak up the skin smoothing cream.


All Products Claim to 

  • Smooth fine lines and promote elasticity.
  • Shield against dehydration and pollution.
  • Contain antioxidants to help fight skin ageing free radicals.

Finally. Its great to find products that give your face the satisfaction it craves after a long day wearing makeup and being exposed to pollutants.

These products were sent to me for FREE from Dermologica via influencer UK for reviewing purposes.

Hello 2018, hello another year older!

When I was 5 years old, age wasn’t something
I thought about or even noticed.

Life was for playing jumping about, big smiles,
singing at the top of my voice, curiosity and lucky bags.

When I was 10, I thought I would never be 15,
life was still all about adventure, playing,
friendship and cartoons.

When I was 15 I never thought I would be 25,
life was more about sleeping in,
chocolate and questioning everything.

When I was 25 I never thought I would be 40
but life was full of shopping late nights and eating out.

When I was 40 I knew I would soon be 45,
life was all about early nights online shopping
and learning to be happy with who I am.

So here I am in 2018 and travelled 45 years to get here,
battling some health issues but a much stronger,
happier, content and chilled out woman
who accepts who she is what she has and
most of all loving her life family and friends.

Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lipstick

Love them or hate them, liquid lipsticks are going to be around for a while. I’ve had a love hate relationship with liquid lipsticks, I love how they look, I just hated how they felt on my lips with that horrible dried out feeling and the urge to apply a lip gloss or balm only a few minutes after application.

Well, that was until I was introduced the the lovely Pixi Beauty Liquid Lipsticks.

These are like no other liquid lipstick I’ve tried.


These beautiful lipsticks are infused with Rosehip Oil giving them the generous nourishment you wouldn’t normally feel with a liquid Lipstick. The lovely “Pixi Petal” applicator helps gently guide a lip line around the lips without bleeding. The rich long lasting pigmented colour will dry out onto the lips leaving a nice matte look without drying.


image1 copy

I’ve been using these lipsticks for over two weeks now and can say hand on heart that I’m extremely impressed with the quality longevity and most of all the shades which are some of the prettiest and flattering for all skin shades and makeup looks. In my photo I’m wearing the shade Really Rose with which I have used a red lipliner. I feel it helps create a stronger look for all lipsticks.

These products have been sent to me for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own and these are my genuine thoughts.

My Top Five Christmas Candles

I love scented candles at the best of times but Christmas scents and styles really help with the festive ambience. These ones are all made for the holiday season but could actually be used all year round.

My all time favourite brand is Timeless Candles and above all, their Christmas candle has always been my favourite.

Festive Berries


Presented in a Stylish Rose Gold glass, this beautiful festive scent has notes of lingonberries, raspberries, blueberries and cassis interwoven with sweet orange and bergamot. It retails at £36 but although this is one of the most expensive candles on my list its worth every penny, this candle even fills your room with scent without actually lighting it!


My next 2 favourites are from Yankee Candles

Snow In Love


This candle has a gentle citrus jasmine floral scent with spicy oriental, woody, patchouli and sandalwood coming through. It’s such a lovely candle and I love that the jar has a pretty heart design.

Yankee Candle Cosy By The Fire


A lovely warm mix of ginger, clove, and orange combines with woody notes to give the snap of a crackling fire and the comfort of a hot aromatic drink beside it. It retails at £24.99 for a large jar and the smaller jar is £14.99.

My Final two are from Home Bargains & Primark

These candles are just really pretty to look at. The one pictured on the left is Winter Jasmine & Spiced Honey from Home Bargains and comes at the staggeringly low price of only £3.99 and is presented in a beautiful golden Christmas tree topped jar. This candle has a lovely gentle scent however once lit the scent quickly fades, it’s still a lovely candle and makes a nice little Christmas Ornament. The one on the right is from Primark and is not scented however this candle comes with a lovely copper and white sparkly reef and also makes a beautiful decoration. I purchased two of these and put them on my candelabra making a lovely Christmas table decoration.



New Impulse body Mist

I remember when Impulse first launched in the 80’s with their signature scent Musk. If you weren’t wearing a perfumed oil from the body shop you most certainly had a can of  Musk from

Over the years Impulse released more scents in addition to their original range, but as those years went on trends changed and the kids of the 80’s and 90’s grew up moving on to different brands.

Come 2017 and impulse have come back with some gorgeous new scents with mouthwatering eye catching packaging, You cant help but reach for this off the shelf.

My favourite one is the Burnt Marshmallow + Leather Jacket , I absolutely love the name of this, some how the name makes me think of that scene from the Lost Boys movie where they are down by the beach hanging around the camp fire. For me this one smells more like a Pina Colada, Ive been spraying it everywhere, on my hair, on my clothes, in my room and of course on my body. I just cant get enough of this refreshing light scent with subtle hints of musk without smelling heavy, wintery or masculine.

Tropical Beach + Espresso , Close your eyes and picture yourself on a tropical island, a gentle breeze in the air and only the sound of the gentle waves coming on to the shore. Its the only way I can sum this up. Soft notes of coconut oil and espresso, how this combo works I’ve no idea but it just does.

Impulse have kindly sent these two lines for me to trial. Im really impressed with the new range and wont hesitate to pop into Superdrug to try some more!

Secret Santa Ideas

It’s that time of year again when someone at work announces that it’s secret Santa time. Everyone’s name goes in an old sweetie tin being passed around your work. Of course the rules are not to tell anyone. But what do you choose for someone you really only know as a work colleague? Here are a few ideas for under £10.

  1. It might seem lazy or boring but a gift voucher for somewhere like Starbucks or Primark is a really good idea, we all know that most of our secret Santa presents either end up recycled stuck in the back of a cupboard or donated to charity, so this is why a voucher for a coffee or a retailer is actually a very good gift idea.


2. Candles are also a great gift for anyone male of female. These ones are the floral collection from Marks & Spencers for £9.50 (also avalible on 3 for 2)


3. For some women buying for a man can be a nightmare. If your secret Santa turns out to be male, you cant really go wrong with some travel sized shower gel and body sprays from Boots. This Ted Baker selection comes as a pack and is only £6.67image2

4. For a lady you could try this pretty necklace for only £4 from Primark. It’s the perfect party piece and will brighten up any outfit.ss5

5. The The Body Shop have some great gifts for everyone, not only are they great for secret Santa but also make great stocking fillers. This lovely Coconut hand cream and lip balm make a great handbag sized gift for £9.50image1

6. Lip gloss trio, sometimes a nice Christmassy boxed gift is a treat and this set of 3 lip glosses from Marks and Spencer comes in at £8.50


7. Another one for the boys (but i think girls will have lots of fun with this pin ball game too) again from Marks and Spencer’s and comes in at only £8image1

8. And finally a little sprits of room spray from the Primark Private collection comes in at only £6 and is a great dupe for Jo Malone.image1